Sandown 500 V8 Supercars Race

Sandown 500 V8 Supercars Race: The two Camaros top the second row of all-Fords, with Tickford Racing’s Cam Waters/James Moffatt qualifying third fastest ahead of Dick Johnson Racing’s Will Davison/Alex Davison entry, while Brock Feeney and current Sandown 500 co-winner Jamie Whincup will start. Fifth. A number of big names from outside the first five rows of the grid would go on to win races. Mark Winterbottom and James Courtney – who closed the front row the last time a Top 10 Shootout determined the Sandown 500 grid in 2007 – will start alongside each other on the seventh row of the grid, while the 2021 Bathurst

19Will Brown / Jack PerkinsErebusChevrolet1m08.6693s
299Brodie Kostecki / David RussellErebusChevrolet1m08.8555s
36Cam Waters / James MoffatTickfordFord1m08.9781s
417Will Davison / Alex DavisonDJRFord1m09.0011s
588Broc Feeney / Jamie WhincupTriple EightChevrolet1m09.0325s
63Todd Hazelwood / Tim BlanchardBRTFord1m09.0636s
719Matthew Payne / Kevin EstreGroveFord1m09.1005s
826David Reynolds / Garth TanderGroveFord1m09.1298s
955Thomas Randle / Garry JacobsonTickfordFord1m09.2708s
1034Jack Le Brocq / Jayden OjedaMSRChevrolet1m09.4426s
1123Tim Slade / Jonathon WebbPremiAirChevrolet1m08.8597s
1235Cameron Hill / Jaylyn RobothamMSRChevrolet1m08.8623s
1318Mark Winterbottom / Michael CarusoTeam 18Chevrolet1m08.9114s
145James Courtney / Zak BestTickfordFord1m08.9288s
158Andre Heimgartner / Dale WoodBJRChevrolet1m08.9324s
1625Chaz Mostert / Lee HoldsworthWAUFord1m08.9387s
1756Declan Fraser / Tyler EveringhamTickfordFord1m08.9729s
1831James Golding / Dylan O’KeeffePremiAirChevrolet1m08.9806s
1997Shane van Gisbergen / Richie StanawayTriple EightChevrolet1m08.9848s
2011Anton De Pasquale / Tony D’AlbertoDJRFord1m09.0068s
2120Scott Pye / Warren LuffTeam 18Chevrolet1m09.0303s
224Jack Smith / Jaxon EvansBJRChevrolet1m09.0308s
23888Craig Lowndes / Zane GoddardTriple EightChevrolet1m09.0731s
2496Macauley Jones / Jordan BoysBJRChevrolet1m09.0821s
2514Bryce Fullwood / Dean FioreBJRChevrolet1m09.1015s
262Nick Percat / Fabian CoulthardWAUFord1m09.1691s
277Aaron Love / Jake KosteckiBRTFord1m09.4351s
Sandown 500 V8 Supercars Race

1000 winning combination Chase Mostert and Lee Holdsworth will start 16th. Shane van Gisbergen and Richie Stanway, with the second DJR Mustang of Anton Dee, will start from 19th on the grid. Pasquale and Tony D’Alberto, while the triple eight-run wildcard entry of 2019 co-winners Craig Lowndes and Zane Goddard lines up from 23rd. The Supercars next took to the track at 10:10 am AEST for a 20-minute warm-up session. , before the start of the 161-lap race at 2:15 p.m.

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What is the V8 supercar experience at Sandown?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the V8 Supercar experience at Sandown likely refers to a motorsport-related experience involving V8 Supercars at the Sandown International Motor Raceway in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Please note that the details and offerings of such experiences may change over time, so I recommend checking the official website of the Sandown International Motor Raceway or contacting them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Generally, a V8 Supercar experience at Sandown might include the following components:

  1. Driving Experience: Participants may have the opportunity to drive or ride along in a V8 Supercar. This could involve taking the wheel of a high-performance V8 Supercar or sitting in as a passenger while a professional racing driver takes you for a thrilling ride around the track.
  2. Instruction: Most experiences include some level of instruction or guidance from experienced racing drivers or instructors. They’ll teach you the basics of handling a powerful race car, including braking, accelerating, and cornering.
  3. Safety Gear: Participants are usually provided with appropriate safety gear, such as helmets and racing suits, to ensure their safety during the experience.
  4. Track Time: Depending on the package you choose, you may have the opportunity for a certain amount of track time. This could range from a few laps to a longer session.
  5. Photography and Memorabilia: Some experiences include photographs or video footage of your time on the track, as well as the option to purchase memorabilia like framed photos or certificates.
  6. Requirements: Participants often need to meet certain requirements, such as age, height, and health restrictions. You may also need a valid driver’s license, and some experiences may require previous racing or driving experience.

Keep in mind that these experiences can vary in terms of duration, cost, and the specific vehicles and tracks involved. Additionally, the availability of such experiences can change, so it’s best to visit the official Sandown International Motor Raceway website or contact them directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on V8 Supercar experiences at their facility.

How fast do the V8 Supercars go at Sandown?

V8 Supercars, now known as the Supercars Championship, are a popular motorsport category in Australia. The top speed of these cars at a particular track like Sandown International Raceway can vary depending on a number of factors, including the configuration of the car, track conditions, and weather. However, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, V8 Supercars typically reach top speeds of around 280 to 300 kilometers per hour (174 to 186 miles per hour) on straight sections of the track.

It’s important to note that these speeds can change over time as the cars are continually developed and modified by their respective teams and manufacturers. Additionally, specific speeds at a particular track may vary from year to year due to changes in car regulations, track conditions, and other factors.

For the most up-to-date information on V8 Supercar speeds at Sandown or any other track, I recommend checking the official Supercars Championship website or consulting recent race reports and statistics.

What happened to Sandown 500?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the Sandown 500 was an endurance motor racing event that was part of the Supercars Championship in Australia. It was held at the Sandown International Raceway in Melbourne, Victoria. The race was traditionally a 500-kilometer endurance event and was one of the highlights of the Supercars calendar.

However, the Supercars Championship has undergone some changes in recent years, including changes to its race calendar and format. Some events have been discontinued, while new events have been introduced. To get the most up-to-date information on the status of the Sandown 500 or any other changes to the Supercars Championship, I recommend checking the official Supercars website or other reliable motorsport news sources for the latest updates.

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