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Albert Ezerzer TV Shows, Lucifer, Death, Shows, Wikipedia: Now, through this article, while giving you information about Albert Ezerzer as an actor, I want to tell you that he started his work in TV shows and how his career was and I want to tell you that his How his life started and how he died and I am going to present before you all the complete information about his life so that you do not face any problem in getting the information related to him and you People can easily get information about all these things which is going to be very important for you which is presented below.

Albert Ezerzer Early Life and Career

NameAlbert Ezerzer
Date of BirthJanuary 31, 1959
Age55-year-old (Died)
Famous ForActor, Driver
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Material statusmarried
Wife NameRachel Ezerzer
Father NameN/A
Mother NameN/A
Weight76 kg
Height5’-11″ Feet
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Net WorthUSD 800k (estimate)
Albert Ezerzer TV Shows, Lucifer, Death, Shows, Wikipedia

If we talk about it then I would like to give you information about the life and career of Albert Ezerzer Actors that he was born on 31 January 1959, he died after 55 years and he was a famous actor and driver. If we talk about his birth place, it is said to be Los Angeles, California, USA. If we talk about his married status, then he was living a married life. His wife’s name was Rachel Izhar. If we talk about his nationality, Talking about it, he was from America and his father, mother and his religion are talked about, he belongs to Christian religion and his weight was around 76 kg and his height is said to be around 5/11.

Remembering Albert Ezerzer

Albert Ezerzer, a talented actor known for his captivating performances, has left an indelible mark on the world of film and television. With his versatile acting skills and magnetic presence, Ezerzer has garnered acclaim and a dedicated fan base. In this article, we will dive into the realm of Albert Ezerzer’s career, exploring some of the best and most popular movies and TV shows that have showcased his immense talent and made him a beloved figure in the industry.Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Albert Ezerzer’s on-screen performances.

“The Trotsky” (2009): In this comedy-drama film, Albert Ezerzer delivers a standout performance as Leon Bronstein, a high school student who believes he is the reincarnation of Soviet leader Leon Trotsky. Ezerzer’s portrayal of the charismatic and idealistic protagonist brings humor, charm, and depth to the character, making “The Trotsky” a must-watch for fans of his work.
“Goon” (2011): In the sports comedy “Goon,” Albert Ezerzer takes on the role of Dr. Glatt, a compassionate doctor, and father figure to the film’s protagonist, Doug Glatt. Ezerzer’s portrayal adds heart and warmth to the story, providing a perfect balance to the film’s comedic moments. “Goon” showcases Ezerzer’s ability to bring depth and emotional resonance to his characters.
“19-2″ (2011-2017): A critically acclaimed Canadian police drama series, “19-2” features Albert Ezerzer in the role of Vince Legare, a veteran police officer. Ezerzer’s nuanced performance captures the complexities and inner struggles of his character, earning him praise for his portrayal of a seasoned law enforcement professional. His presence contributes to the show’s success and solidifies his reputation as a talented actor.
“Incendies” (2010): Albert Ezerzer’s talent shines in the critically acclaimed film “Incendies.” Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the movie explores themes of family, war, and identity. Ezerzer’s powerful performance as the notary helps drive the emotional core of the story, showcasing his ability to evoke deep empathy and convey complex emotions on screen.

“Unite 9” (2012–2019): A highly popular Quebec television drama series, “Unite 9” features Albert Ezerzer in a recurring role as Jean-Paul “JP” Mercier. Ezerzer’s portrayal of this complex character, a prison inmate seeking redemption, showcases his versatility as an actor. His performance in “Unite 9” is a testament to his ability to captivate audiences in long-running television series.
“Being Human” (2011-2014): In the supernatural drama series “Being Human,” Albert Ezerzer portrays Mother, a powerful and enigmatic character. His commanding presence and ability to convey both menace and vulnerability make him a standout in the show. Ezerzer’s performance adds depth and intrigue to the storyline, captivating viewers throughout the series.

Albert Ezerzer Personal Life

Now I want to give you information about his personal life and tell you how he lived his life and how this Albert Ezerzer actor struggled from his birth till his death and how he achieved success in his life. This is what has been discussed here. If we talk about it, then he earned a lot of money in his life and he had done the course of Transport Management Facility Driver and he also made his career in it. Along with this, he was also a very good actor. And after being born in 1959 AD, he died after 55 years on 9th 2014 and made his life very attractive.

Albert Ezerzer Legacy

Full NameAlbert Ezerzer
Date of Birth31st of January, 1959
BirthplaceLos Angeles, United States.
ProfessionTransport management facility driver
net worth$500,000
StatusDead (He died on 9th of May, 2014)
Albert Ezerzer TV Shows, Lucifer, Death, Shows, Wikipedia

Interesting Facts about Albert Ezerzer

Albert Azhar was a beloved crew member of the TV show SUITS. He worked in the Department of Transportation as stated on Aaron Korsh’s Twitter account. He had recently passed away, and out of great love and affection for him they named their episode after him, “In memory of Albert Ezezer”.

Albert Ezerzer Net Worth

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I do not have access to specific and up-to-date financial information about individuals, including Albert Ezerzer. Net worth information for private individuals can change rapidly due to various factors such as investments, business ventures, and market fluctuations. To find the most current information on Albert Ezerzer’s net worth, I recommend checking reputable financial news sources, celebrity net worth websites, or conducting an online search for the latest updates.

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